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Powerhouse's Beginning

Shocked by the horror unfolding in front of me and stunned by the apathy around me, I witness what I’ll never forget. Engulfed in flames are all four buildings of an apartment complex. The inferno is growing wildly out of control as residents are hanging out the open windows, screaming for help. Men, women, and children. Overwhelmed with both flames and fear, some begin jumping out of their windows.

As I’m desperately thinking about how to help, I realize that there are almost one hundred people gathered on the sidewalk, watching. I can’t help but yell at them, asking, ‘Why are you all just standing here?’ They respond, ‘We’re waiting for the fire department to arrive.’ Confused and filled with anguish, I hear the cries of desperation grow louder and louder as the flames stretch higher and higher. With no sign of the fire department on its way, I cry out, ‘We can’t wait any longer. People are dying. I’m going in!’

Awakened from this dream, I’m shaken to my core. Yet, immediately, I understood its meaning.

This dream that I’ll always remember happened in 1992. Just having purchased our property on Wales Drive in Folsom, CA, Powerhouse Ministries was now incorporated and ready to launch. From the very beginning, I knew that Powerhouse was to be a place that offers hope and help to people trapped in crime, addiction, abuse, and poverty. Filled with excitement and anticipation in how God might transform the lives of the hurting, our mission was clear. Rescue!

When Powerhouse began, I felt incredibly inadequate and unqualified. Even some of my friends said, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing. You lack the training for this. Surely there are experts in this field who can do a better job.’ Twenty-seven years later, with a 91% success rate in our Women's and Children's Center, some consider us at Powerhouse as experts in this field. As humbling as that is, the results speak for themselves — our stories are numerous and documented. Stories of suicide prevention, freedom from addiction, and homeless women restored to health and well-being. Families reunited. At-risk teenagers are finding acceptance, love, and mentoring. Children are given a better future, and many others who are looking for hope are finding community at Powerhouse.

Yet, our work is never done. The fire continues to burn, and we’re still going in, rescuing those who want out.

The dream I had in 1992 is still my driving force. Today, many of those standing and watching from the sidewalk are joining us in this rescue effort. They’re going in too. And, many of the people who’ve found rescue through Powerhouse are going back in, reaching others, and rescuing those needing help.

As partners with us, and as people who care, we hope that the stories of life-change you’ll experience on our website, as well as the services we provide, will encourage, inspire, and compel you to continue, or perhaps for the first time, partner with us in this life-saving work. Without the compassion and contributions of our partners, these stories, and many more may not happen.

It’s an exciting season at Powerhouse. With the fruit of so many changed lives, we’re stepping out with bold faith to broaden our impact.

Nancy Atchley
Executive Director – Lead Pastor