"Outside our home, violence was the norm."

Our family couldn’t afford even the basics for school, things like clothes, and a backpack. Noticing our need, the people at Powerhouse would reach out to my mom, asking if they could help. It was Powerhouse who provided our school supplies. During that time, my mom began dropping us off at Powerhouse Kids on Sunday afternoons. My sister and I loved being there because it felt like a much safer place than our home.

Outside our home, violence was the norm. There were constant fights in the parking lot of our apartment complex. Throughout my childhood, I vividly remember...

Taylor Foad Greyscale


"When mentioning where I come from, some find it hard to believe."

It's like night and day, where I was in life before coming to Powerhouse and who I am today...


"I found what I was looking for."

Desperation brought me to Powerhouse. My life was full of addiction, violent relationships, abuse, and even near-death experiences. Everything seemed hopeless...