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Student ministries LEADER

Mission Statement

The Student Ministries Leader is responsible for growing and leading a passionate student
movement with an emphasis on students in crisis. Let’s raise a generation of warriors
equipped to break the cycles of addiction, abuse, and poverty, and bring hope and healing to
our city.

Support Student Ministry Staff, Interns & Volunteers:

  • Regular goal-setting and follow-through.
  • Weekly team meetings.
  • Recruit, grow, and empower an effective Student Ministries team of staff, interns, and

Student Outreach Middle & High School:

  • Work with partner organizations to reach students with an emphasis on those in
    crisis. (Example: Schools, Churches, Foster Care…)
  • Build teams of volunteers, staff, and interns to reach students on campus in Folsom
    schools and beyond.

Wednesday Night Youth

  • Host a weekly student service that reaches unchurched students in our city.
  • Provide pastoral care for students.
  • Build a student leadership team.
  • Coordinate monthly special events and bi-annual retreats.

Sunday Service

  • Be a bridge for students and families to connect into the larger Powerhouse

I AM...
Teachable and moving toward growth
Willing to clean up my messes
Finishing what I start
Leading from integrity
Empowering and equipping volunteers 
Part of the team
Headed towards excellence
We follow Jesus anywhere
We love dangerously
We treasure an honest mess over fake beauty
We treat everyone with honor, regardless of their past or position
We bring both natural and supernatural resources into desperate situations
We call out greatness and make transformation possible
We empower people to rebuild, restore, and revive culture

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