My name is Rebecca Gangwer. This is my story.

Riding into our parking lot on her Harley-Davidson motorcycle, Rebecca Gangwer carries with her an adventurous spirit and a story of finding new life. Seven years ago, Rebecca graduated from our Transformation Center.

Remembering her childhood, Rebecca says she would watch her parents drink and use drugs to cope with their struggles. ‘Addiction is a family disease. I didn’t start drinking out of the blue. I watched what was going on around me.’

Later in life, as Rebecca’s addiction grew, it became all-consuming. Her reliance on drugs and alcohol got so bad that her mom once said, ‘For Mother’s Day, can you give me a year of sobriety?’ It was then that her boyfriend, Rick, kicked her out of their house, telling her, ‘I love you. But I won’t love you to your death.’

Like many of the women who find our Transformation Center, Rebecca ‘just happened’ to hear about Powerhouse.

While walking to a local liquor store, she crossed paths with Martha, a resident at Powerhouse. Martha said to Rebecca, ‘Honey, I know exactly where you need to be.’ That same day, she turned in an application, and four days later, she moved into our Transformation Center.

Over the next two years, Rebecca found freedom and healing. ‘Before Powerhouse, the walls I put up in my life were high. I was prickly and unapproachable. Because of the pain in my past relationships, I was fearful of making friends. I didn’t trust anyone. Powerhouse helped me open up, make deep bonds, and, most of all, I learned how to communicate honestly and heal from my wounds.’

Tackling old patterns of avoidance, fighting, and passive-aggressive behavior, Rebecca learned what it means to love and honor herself and others. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it. She now says, ‘When I’m clear-headed, I have a more accurate perception of things, leading to healthier choices and better outcomes.’

Through this journey, Rebecca’s sixteen-year-old daughter has been her greatest motivation. Rick, her boyfriend, was also one of her biggest supporters. Rick and Rebecca married shortly after her graduation.

Powerhouse exists for people like Rebecca, those who are ready to leave the destructive patterns of addiction and find a life of sobriety and wholeness.