My name is Taylor Foad.

Our family couldn’t afford even the basics for school, things like clothes, and a backpack. Noticing our need, the people at Powerhouse would reach out to my mom, asking if they could help. It was Powerhouse who provided our school supplies. During that time, my mom began dropping us off at Powerhouse Kids on Sunday afternoons. My sister and I loved being there because it felt like a much safer place than our home.

Outside our home, violence was the norm. There were constant fights in the parking lot of our apartment complex. Throughout my childhood, I vividly remember seeing the drug busts by the DEA, stabbings with kitchen utensils, as well as people coming around our housing area craving another fix.

Being at Powerhouse became a welcome relief, an oasis for us. Even as a little kid, I knew they cared. The love they showed to our family when I was in elementary school continued through jr. high and high school.

As a teenager, I drifted in and out of Powerhouse. Then, in 2015, my dad died. That was really hard. I was mad at God and couldn’t understand why He would let this happen. Pastor Josh Levine saw my struggle and began sharing with me how his father had passed away while he was young. That’s when I started building a strong bond and connection with Josh, one like I’ve never had with any other men in my life. Josh became my pastor, friend, therapist, late-night question answerer, and the shoulder that I could cry on. It was after connecting with Josh that I began building a relationship with God.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve now been serving at Powerhouse for several years. I have the opportunity to build a better future for myself. I currently attend William Jessup University and am studying music with a focus in worship, and a minor in Bible and theology. I wouldn’t be where I am today or have the confidence to pursue my passion without Powerhouse and Josh stepping into my life.